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with continuing education credit and certificates


   1.   Synchronous & Asynchronous Courses

Synchronous and Asynchronous courses afford access to information within a virtual learning environment regardless of your geographical location. Synchronous/Live courses occur in real-time, with instructor and peer communication and interaction. While Asynchronous/OnDemand courses offer home/independent study, which are presented through recorded webinars and other audio/visual materials or text-based learning materials to include an assessment indicating participant's completion of course.


​   2.   Workshops & Seminars with CE Credit and Certificates

Attending workshops, and seminars offer opportunities to evade daily routines and explore current trends, research, and best practices with applied exercises.


   3.   Coaching & Networking Events

Coaching and Networking are relationships created with knowledgeable professionals who can assist with the development and identification of tools/resources to aid in the achievement of goals.  Coaching offer guidance and feedback to support career objectives.  Similarly, Networking cultivates the creation and preservation of relationships that can facilitate professional insight, advancement, and ventures.

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